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At Mortgage Resource Group, we believe in making your home purchase or refinance mortgage process a smooth transaction. Keeping you informed during the journey from the start with eligibility criteria, interest rates, necessary documents and lender comparisons all the way to closing, our professional staff is here to help.

Having decades of combined experience, we understand the problems and anxieties you'll face in going through this process. Our compentent staff will be there with you every step of the way to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Understanding that the world of mortgages can be a scary place, we will help you find the best mortgage program at the best interest rate for your given situation. We understand that every situation is different and has different requirements and our professional staff is there to help.

Trust us with your mortgage needs and we insure that you'll be pleased with the outcome. Apply today to find out what we cna do for you!

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Achieve all your goals and aspirations; with the right kind of help, exactly when you need it.

New Home Purchase

From loan preapproval to when you get the keys to your new home, we're here to help make your home purchase fast, efficient and enjoyable.

Home Refinance

Need to refinance your home into a lower interest rate or provide a line of credit for projects? We can help with whatever financial needs you might have!

Get financing for whatever you need now

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Home Mortgages

Since all mortgage loans are not created equal, here at Mortgage Resource Group we'll go out of our way to help you find the best option for you!

Full Time or Self Employed

Whether you're full time or self employeed, we have a loan program to fit your needs or can help you get to your goals.

No Morgage

No mortgage before? Not a problem! We enjoy working with first time home buyers and making your dreams come true!

Refinancing Needs

Want a lower interest rate or need funds for that special project or debt relief? We can help with a home mortgage refinance!

Frequently Ask Questions

If you have a question that deals with clients, customers or the public in general, there is bound to be a need for the FAQ page.

Depends on the type and term of the loan, but in most cases there is no penalty for paying off the loan early..

Yes, we offer refinancing at very attractive rates! Either to lower your interest rate, shorten or entend your loan term or provide additional funds for any needs you might have, refinancing offers a great way to do that.

Refinancing in most cases is a quick and easy process if most of your financial conditions haven't changed. We can even help by providing you refinancing with no closing costs!

Depending on the type of loan your looking for, it's best to apply as early in the process as possible:

  • Get preapproved for a home purchase.
  • Refinance with a quick turn around.
  • Financing for your new home after you decide.

We're located off U.S.40 - National Road - in Vandalia, just off I-75.

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